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Design your own bag! Quality Leather. Your Way.
*All Sales Final. No returns or exchanges on custom orders. No additional customizations.*

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The classic favorite Healthy Back Bag can now be made to order right here in the AmeriBag Design Studio in Kingston, New York!


  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Double zip main compartment for easy access
  • Antique metal hardware with leather pulls
  • Open spine pocket
  • Velcro® flap pocket
  • 2 additional pockets
  • 5-6 interior pockets
  • Handy key hook
  • D-ring for Baglett or accessories

Extra Small: 15" x 8" x 5.5"
Small: 17" x 9" x 6"
Medium: 19" x 11" x 7"
Large: 21" x 13" x 8"

Now offered at Studio Direct Pricing
*Not available by any retail venue. * We are unable to ship outside of the US at this time.*
**All sales final. No returns or exchanges on custom orders. No additional customizations.
***Please allow 2-3 weeks for order processing and production before item ships.

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  • Author: MM
    I have this bag in the cognac color and the leather and inside lining have held up beautifully. I loved the bag until the plastic lining on the underside of the strap wore out, which made it unsightly and uncomfortable to carry. I sent it back to the company and was told that since it was due to normal wear, it could not be repaired. The lining on the strap should be made of leather instead of plastic, so that it holds up as long as the bag.
  • Author: Cindy B
    I bought the x-small leather cognac bag 10 years ago at a store. I had the strap replaced twice for a small fee. The store closed and I called customer service to have the strap replaced again and they told me it was a "normal wear and tear item." Such a shame because it is a great bag. I am not sure why they just don't fix the strap.
  • Author: Dorothy C
    I agree that the bag is great, but the underside of the straps on mine. I currently have two bags, wears out and then slides off your shoulder
  • Author: Junus
    I agree - I love this bag but have no idea why the underside lining is not in leather. Is it possible to custom-make one which has a full leather lining?
  • Author: Marie Z
    Agree that shoulder strap is poorly made. For the price I expect leather not cheap material. Also found some zippers failed prematurely. Fantastic as organizer.
  • Author: Sarah Layne
    I have owned some version of the AmeriBag HBB bag for maybe 12 years or so. You opened a manufacturing plant in Barbados, and I was introduced to the bag by the gentleman who ran it and made local sales. I was hooked. several Microfiber bags and my last 2 bags are leather. I purchased these, along with several other types for friends and family, when your retail store in Barbados shut down (should have put the shop in Bridgetown and not Speightstown, but you didn't ask me and you didn't listen to the guy.. 2 problems plagued all my bags.. the "non-slip" lining on the inside of the shoulder strap that keeps the bag from sliding around, aiding in it's usefulness as a healthy back bag.. and the side piping at the bottom of each bag .. on the microfiber AND the leather, the materiel deteriorates so that the piping on the inside starts to show and eventually comes out. for the first few years, I was told, no worries.. it's a lifetime guarantee. When I showed the women at the retail shop the issues, she told me it's normal wear and tear.. less than 2 years?? Leather?? Not Cheap??? Anyway.. I still have my leather bags..but.. they aren't as great as before.. and as your shop here has closed, I know I could order one.. but.. would rather hold it in my hand to make the purchase. while I don't think that these issues should last a lifetime.. they are integral to the use of the bag and if they aren't going to last but a year or 2, what's the point. thanks.. need to respond?? (sunndain@gmail.com)
  • Author: Nadine Klein
    I'm not happy with my Ameribag either. I'm having the same issues as everyone else, the cheap material on the under side of the strap peeling and cracking making the bag useless since the reason we buy these bags is for comfort, how comfortable to have rough cracking material on our shoulders! I called Ameribag was told to try sending it in. Spent money to ship and yep I got the same answer "normal wear and tear" and no they would not replace or repair. I will never buy another Ameribag and will let everyone I know no to buy one either!!
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