The Healthy Back Bag® is born

Although AmeriBag was conceived in 1987, it took an unfortunate accident to propel it to its current success. Margery, a Special Education Teacher, had endured painful back injury and surgery from a rollerskating fall, and she could not find a bag that she could comfortably carry. With the help of a chiropractor and surgeon, the Gaffins embarked upon the task of creating a bag that could be worn comfortably by almost anyone. The Healthy Back Bag® tote was born.

The principle of the Healthy Back Bag® tote is simple: by hanging asymmetrically and distributing weight along the entire length of the back rather than on one pressure point on the shoulder, the bag feels lighter. The more points on the body a bag touches, the more comfortable it is. And multiple interior and exterior pockets keep the weight distributed evenly throughout the bag. Since its inception, this innovative design has helped millions of people worldwide enjoy its exceptional comfort. This unique design concept received a US Design Patent in 1995 and in 2006 AmeriBag received an unprecedented registered trademark for the bag’s unique shape.

A style for everyone
As the Healthy Back Bag® tote propelled to worldwide success, AmeriBag expanded the bag into a variety of materials, sizes, colors and prints. With so many options, there is virtually a bag for everyone! The company has also introduced stylish collections such as the Catskill, Metro and Contemporary Collections, along with special collections such as the eco-friendly Earth Collection – all with the same organization, quality and style that have made AmeriBag products a worldwide phenomenon.

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Top: AmeriBag receives 1994 Governor’s Award for Achievement in Export to Japan.
Bottom: Margery presents a donation check to Hope Nemiroff, Executive Director of Breast Cancer Options. AmeriBag raised over $13,000 in 2008 from sales of its Cause Bag, and is continuing to raise even more for future donations.