Looking to the future
As Irwin and Margery reflect upon the company’s current success and look to the future, they have incredible excitement and optimism.  With the recent publicity in publications such as Women’s Day and Better Homes and Gardens, and on shows such as CBS’s The Doctors, the company is becoming a household name. Customers are enjoying the style, quality and value of AmeriBag products, and the bags can be found worldwide in countries such as the U.K, Japan, Italy and Australia…just to name a few.  

As the company has grown, the Gaffins continue to be an integral part of its operations – from product development to marketing to customer relations. And although so many other companies have sacrificed quality throughout the years, it continues to be the first priority of the company, as so many AmeriBag customers have come to realize. And in the end, a satisfied customer is the best success that any company could ever hope for.

Check out Irwin’s blog for more insight on the company and his perspective on topics such as the industry and business practices.

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Top left: AmeriBag has been featured in numerous national publications such as Better Homes and Gardens, Star Magazine and Parenting, as well as on the hit TV show, The Doctors.
Top right: Founders Irwin and Margery Gaffin
Bottom: Current collections feature the Healthy Back Bag® tote in a variety of materials and colors including tapestry prints, leather, distressed nylon and micofiber.