Welcoming NEW Fall.Winter.2014!

It’s like the Holidays around here in Headquarters for The Healthy Back Bag Company by AmeriBag (Kingston, NY). It is so exciting to have BRAND NEW silhouettes, sizes and fun fall colors out! You are going to want to check it out first hand at www.AmeriBag.com but we just need to get some of the excitement off our chest!


Reversible Classic HBB

Brilliant…just saying! Why buy two bags, when clearly buying one HBB and getting two color options is the greatest idea ever. We paired the two most popular neutral colors in machine washable Distressed Nylon; Black and Walnut. This Healthy Back Bag was specially designed to reverse in a few simple steps; Unclip the strap from the top and bottom D-rings, Turn inside-out, Re-clip the strap to the outside D-Rings and voila! Traveling? Have both options readily available without over packing! Last minute outfit change? Don’t worry! Just take the loose items out of the main compartment, flip, and replace!
As if life couldn’t get any better…


Extra Large Baglett

If we didn’t have such loyal and honest customers giving us great feedback, we would have never known what you wanted! This time we came up with one solution for several requests…and we know you are going to LOVE it. There is nothing else that will replace this size…it is that perfect size between a Large Baglett (essentials only) and an Extra Small HBB (half a kitchen sink’s full). We chose a sheen finished Microfiber so it is a lovely option for strolling the town hands-free. There is an extra long adjustable strap to accommodate more flexibility and security.
Enough drooling already…get one while its hot!


Grey Leather HBBevo


Pistachio Microfiber HBBevo in Small

Finally a GREY in Leather…stunning, stunning oh and did I mention it is STUNNING! Soft genuine high quality leather for the loving! Yes, you heard me…it’s true!
Distressed Nylon is loving this  Amethyst shade of purple for a muted pastel vibe. Enough for a pop of fun color, but just desaturated and balanced enough to compliment any florals and patterns out this fall!
Microfiber was kept cool with a soft bluish grey called Slate and a mellow Pistachio green.
Tell me you’re not planning outfits already?



Hemp HBBevo


Tapestry HBBevo in Garden

If you are against gorgeous textile prints with soft, warm and inviting colors….you are crazy. No, really. These are adorable…we are slightly obsessed. How can you resist the fashionably unique Tapestry fabric with the intelligent functionality of an HBBevo?
Hemp originates as a plant that can be made into many household products such as environmentally friendly textiles, oil, food, wax, rope, paper and the list goes on! It is antimicrobial by nature and machine washable. Irresistible might I add?
What a fun collection of options this Fall.Winter Season! Eh? My fingers are out of breath but I just had to get it off my chest.
Thanks for the vent session…feeling better already :)

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There is a reason you never lose your toothbrush

Ever wonder why you never lose certain things, but always lose others? There is a distinct place for your toothbrush that makes sense to you. Specific holders are even made just for your toothbrush and you keep it in a place that never changes. Now why is it when you put all of your essentials (and typically unimportant things) in a handbag or backpack you can never find them again? Ahha! It is because there is not a specific place for each thing. You reach into your bag and things fall in the bottomless pit and get tossed around. Who know’s where that lip moisturizer went…it probably got stuck in the gum packet, tucked in the corner of the bag with everything else piled on top of it. Don’t worry we thought this through…your world is not over! If you have an HBBevo, there is a designated spot for all of your belongings. The organization gives you different sized and shaped pockets so you designate, and remember, where everything belongs. If you put your cell phone in the cell phone pocket, you may not miss that call while digging for it in that black-hole-of-a-purse. The Healthy Back Bag® is also intentionally not symmetrically identical so, again, you can remember which stuff goes where. If everything is distributed among the brilliantly placed pockets, you may never misplace that lip moisturizer again. What a concept! Our tooth brush is always where we left it! Not only is organization a key to having less stress and pointless fluster in your life, it has a physical reasoning behind it as well! (We told you we thought of it all…) If you distribute the items among all of the pockets, it distributes the weight throughout the entire bag instead of a single collective heavy drooping pile in the middle. No one likes a heavy AND disorganized bag. How ridiculous. Move on with your #Happy #Healthy life :)

Welcome Back!

Sometimes things get pushed to the back burner…but hey, aren’t they still on the stove? We have so much to talk about and want a place to nurture for HBB fans to gather and share…so I say: Welcome, Welcome Back to a blog that will have more life and more fun!

The Healthy Back Bag Company is not just a brand, it is a way of life. We want to table topics about health, fun, travel, inspiration, active living, healthy back bags etc. Most importantly we want to know what you want to hear and talk about – our ears are open!

We encourage an open mind and an open heart. So please, join us, check back in soon, look at our New WebsiteFacebook PageTwitter, Google+, Instagram (@AmeriBag), Pinterest, and our Polyvore to help us bring some spice back to The Healthy Back Bag online community!

Stay Tuned!
<3 Team HBB