The Making of the Love My Life HBB

Margery Gaffin, AmeriBag Executive Vice President and Co-founder explains how the “Love My Life” Healthy Back Bag came to be. 

“Nearly eleven years ago I was recovering from my last round of chemotherapy for breast cancer.  My strength was finally coming back, as well as my appetite.  I recall standing in my kitchen chopping onions. I was prepping for a nutritious soup. This is typically a boring, tedious task, yet I suddenly was struck by the idea, “how wonderful it is that I am JUST chopping onions and no longer thinking about cancer treatments, or any other morbid topic.  Just chopping onions!”

That’s when it started…  I started to realize fully how grateful and appreciative I am for my life and my health and how much “I LOVE MY LIFE.” Not that my life is perfect – no one’s is – but it was a refreshing feeling to have regardless of the diagnosis, treatment and recovery.  This led me to explore yoga, which for me has meant being in the moment and appreciating that fully.  Not worrying about what already happened or what might happen. Just being.

Four years later, I have continued to be very involved in yoga – mostly Anusara, and Kundalini, and the phrase “I LOVE MY LIFE” has fully sunk in and reverberated through me.  I am (as one of my first teachers said) “grateful that I can practice yoga.” I open my heart everyday to new opportunities and experiences.

The culmination of all this “just being,” breathing and yoga has led me to express this sentiment in a very special bag.  It expresses the affirmation of the positiveness of life – the appreciation of life itself. Not just the big things, but also the ordinary day-to-day little things… even chopping onions.”

We ask you to consider and tell us why you love your life in the comments below!

Learning to Fly

Let’s face it…coming into the new year typically means trying to improve the you, you were last year. For most of us, including the team here at AmeriBag, it means eating healthier and working out more. So whilst looking into some workout regimes (none which sounded the least bit fun), we came across an exciting and especially beneficial for your back and neck pain strength. Which we found would be useful for both ourselves and you! Seeing as we are connected by the common bond over a healthy back bag! In case you haven’t heard, aerial yoga is where it’s at. If you think we’re making it up, look what the Yogis at Aerial Yoga in London said about the many health benefits aerial yoga offers.

“With the weight of the body supported students learn how to achieve proper postural alignment through relaxation rather than effort. Producing a peaceful state of mind & a wonderful feeling of lightness in the body.”

  1. Alleviate muscle tension, neck & back pain – Chiropractor in a sling!
  2. Promotes increased joint mobility & health by taking the weight off them for a change.
  3. Increases the circulation of blood, lymph & energy – literally, refreshing you
  4. Stimulates the release of happy hormones (Serotonin & Dopamine)
  5. Improved concentration & mental functioning
  6. Core strengthening – essential for good spinal health and posture in this desk-bound age.
  7. Perform advanced yoga inversions without back or neck compression.
  8. Hold challenging yoga postures longer and in correct alignment.
  9. Create better body awareness and agility – or grace of movement.
  10. Learning of new skills: a creative & artistic fitness experience that’s fun & enjoyable

Creativity and Innovation Day!

The original AmeriBag in black leather

In honor of International Creativity and Innovation Day we’ve decided to celebrate the people who created the Healthy Back Bag- our founders Margery and Irwin! Here’s the story of how the bag you know and love, came to be..

Margery Gaffin

Margery’s influence on The Healthy Back Bag:

“Years back, I ‘tried’ to roller skate and my 7 year old niece was falling. Silly me went to help her and we both went KABOOM! It was quite an impactful fall. Being young I went to run it out on the beach! Not what you do with a slipped disc. A month in the hospital in traction, ending with surgery that “basically” fixed my back… left me VERY effected by the experience.
Fast forward to the early 90’s when many people  were sporting backpacks, which were often worn on one shoulder. I mentioned to Irwin the idea of a bag that wouldn’t add more stress to your back that also had many pockets and compartments to organize the contents inside your bag. Today the Healthy Back Bag continues to provide a solution for us all to carry our belongings in a healthier way.”

Irwin Gaffin

Irwin’s influence on The Healthy Back Bag:

“The Healthy Back Bag design was inspired by  backpacks worn on one shoulder that were popular during the 80’s and 90’s. When backpacks are worn this way, they are not ergonomic and don’t take into account the affect of the apparent weight stress on the shoulder and neck. 
The HBB was developed to address this specific need. Through design elements, we shifted the weight by introducing an ergonomic approach to the shape of the bag.
We enhanced the ergonomics by using organizational features of pockets and compartments that were strategically placed. This unique approach was mindful of the utilization and function in normal use and were integrated to allow the Healthy Back Bag to be properly carried in all possible positions.
The combination of function and form allowed the bag to drape properly and take advantage of body contact points to ease the feeling of weight stress.
The shape of our bag hasn’t changed and has withstood the fashion industry, for it is fashionable and most importantly functional!”

“Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.” -Theodore Levitt