World Water Day

World Water Day
In 1993, the United Nations General Assembly declared March 22nd as World Water Day. Water is one of the most common substances, as well as one of the most vital on Earth, and without it we’d cease to exist. Water is an incredibly valuable resource, yet it is often tossed to the side in global concerns. About 71 % of the Earth’s surface is covered in water, oceans holding about 96% of the Earth’s total water. While it pours freely from the great falls and flows endlessly through rivers and lakes-it’s a finite source. That’s where World Water Day comes in, whether you appreciate a good day at the beach or watering your plants in the garden- water is everywhere and can’t be ignored.

Here at AmeriBag we’re always looking for ways to improve our personal wellbeing as well as our loved ones and even strangers! So this year for World Water Day, we’ve chosen an amazing organization called A Walk on Water. For every blue bag purchased during the week of March 20th- 26th, 10% will be donated to helping this charity host more events for kids and their families. AWOW provides surf therapy to individuals with special needs. They do this by hosting surf therapy events that celebrate and honor courageous kids, adults, and their families. For one beautiful day at the beach, there are no labels- just fun. The goal of surf therapy is for the athlete to feel the thrill and confidence that only “A Walk on Water” can provide. Their families are fully supported and cared for as they share a much deserved day of fun and relaxation.

A visit to the beach always leaves us feeling alive and cleansed, in every aspect, physically, emotionally and spiritually. The combination of the sunshine, salt water and soft sand between our toes is an almost instant stress reliever, the most natural medication on the market. Many famous writers, poets, and musicians have used water as a metaphor for revival and cleansing their souls. While some use recordings of the crashing waves to induce deep states of relaxation. There are so many ways to appreciate water, for it provides us with a bounty of gifts.



3 Things to do Today

reflect, relax, be present, play, reward
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a day that was simply for resting and rejuvenating, a twenty-four hour period that you could dedicate to yourself, and nobody else? Well the truth is, we all have the right to prioritize healthy boundaries with ourselves, our loved ones and our employers. It is our duty to allow ourselves, at the very least, a day where we aren’t servants to everyone whom we love and care about. It’s easy for us to ignore this desire and get caught up in everyday life. But here at The Healthy Back Bag Company, we’ve recently been listening to our hearts and and quite honestly are much happier because of it.

In order to break this cycle, start off by reminding yourself of how wonderful you are and all of the things you’ve accomplished (even if it’s just getting out of bed on a day where you don’t feel your best). Any achievement, is still an achievement and you should begin to recognize that. You are beautiful, hard-working, selfless, and deserve this time. In acknowledging that you owe this to yourself, you will also be of higher value to the ones who depend on you. For when you are your best self, you are able to give to others, the best version of yourself.

Let’s face it, our lives have become a lot more complicated than the days where bills didn’t exist and responsibilities were an option. That’s why playtime is vital for our well being. This should be adventure without a schedule, because planning isn’t fun when playing is involved. Follow your heart on this day, if you want to take a pottery class, do one, if there isn’t a pottery class available, buy some clay and go on Youtube. Play time is a great time to learn something new or to create something that makes you feel good. This could include, writing poetry or a song, exercising, dancing around your house, DIY-ing, the possibilities of play are 100% customizable to you.

Reflect, Relax & Be Present.
Reflect on all that you’ve accomplished and then think about all of the things you’d like to improve on, maintain, learn or goals you’d like to achieve within a reasonable period of time. Having personal goals is vital for growth and helps to keep us moving forward every day. Make sure these set goals are for nobody else but yourself, and aren’t going to harm your everyday peace. So don’t forget to relax. After reflection, you might become overwhelmed with gratitude or a million ideas, but don’t forget to breathe and take it day by day. After reflection, we like to draw a hot bath in order to clean us physically and mentally.


If it’s a specialty coffee, fresh flowers, or dinner with a friend. You are constantly giving to others, take this day to reward yourself. I heard a quote once, “you show others how you deserve to be treated” so therefore, if you are being kind to yourself verbally, respecting your body and mind, and investing in your wellbeing; you are showing others that you care about yourself and will accept no less from them.

We understand, that as a modern day human being, there are all sorts of work schedules and not just your classic 9-5. So while we’ve chosen Sunday as our day to reset, you can choose the day that best suits your schedule. Now go out there and live your best life!

Welcoming NEW Fall.Winter.2014!

It’s like the Holidays around here in Headquarters for The Healthy Back Bag Company by AmeriBag (Kingston, NY). It is so exciting to have BRAND NEW silhouettes, sizes and fun fall colors out! You are going to want to check it out first hand at but we just need to get some of the excitement off our chest!


Reversible Classic HBB

Brilliant…just saying! Why buy two bags, when clearly buying one HBB and getting two color options is the greatest idea ever. We paired the two most popular neutral colors in machine washable Distressed Nylon; Black and Walnut. This Healthy Back Bag was specially designed to reverse in a few simple steps; Unclip the strap from the top and bottom D-rings, Turn inside-out, Re-clip the strap to the outside D-Rings and voila! Traveling? Have both options readily available without over packing! Last minute outfit change? Don’t worry! Just take the loose items out of the main compartment, flip, and replace!
As if life couldn’t get any better…


Extra Large Baglett

If we didn’t have such loyal and honest customers giving us great feedback, we would have never known what you wanted! This time we came up with one solution for several requests…and we know you are going to LOVE it. There is nothing else that will replace this size…it is that perfect size between a Large Baglett (essentials only) and an Extra Small HBB (half a kitchen sink’s full). We chose a sheen finished Microfiber so it is a lovely option for strolling the town hands-free. There is an extra long adjustable strap to accommodate more flexibility and security.
Enough drooling already…get one while its hot!


Grey Leather HBBevo


Pistachio Microfiber HBBevo in Small

Finally a GREY in Leather…stunning, stunning oh and did I mention it is STUNNING! Soft genuine high quality leather for the loving! Yes, you heard me…it’s true!
Distressed Nylon is loving this  Amethyst shade of purple for a muted pastel vibe. Enough for a pop of fun color, but just desaturated and balanced enough to compliment any florals and patterns out this fall!
Microfiber was kept cool with a soft bluish grey called Slate and a mellow Pistachio green.
Tell me you’re not planning outfits already?



Hemp HBBevo


Tapestry HBBevo in Garden

If you are against gorgeous textile prints with soft, warm and inviting colors….you are crazy. No, really. These are adorable…we are slightly obsessed. How can you resist the fashionably unique Tapestry fabric with the intelligent functionality of an HBBevo?
Hemp originates as a plant that can be made into many household products such as environmentally friendly textiles, oil, food, wax, rope, paper and the list goes on! It is antimicrobial by nature and machine washable. Irresistible might I add?
What a fun collection of options this Fall.Winter Season! Eh? My fingers are out of breath but I just had to get it off my chest.
Thanks for the vent session…feeling better already 🙂

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