Bon Voyage 2009, Hello 2010

Well, another year is coming to an end and a new year will be starting soon. And what a year this has been! A real rollercoaster ride in every sense. Consider how this year started – the doubt, the worry and concerns about life and the economy. It was like driving down a long dark road with no headlights. It has been both an adventure and a learning process for us all.

At AmeriBag it has been a great opportunity to test our metal, to re-examine our mission and learn to better serve our customers and loyal audience. We did not sit about idly and wait for change; rather we accepted the challenge and pushed forward. Our history at AmeriBag has taught us that innovation and creativity are the weapons to battle adversity. It is how the Healthy Back Bag® came to being. The concept was a response to debilitating injury and a need to find a solution.

This new and improved Web site is testament another example of our efforts to make progress in a time when many wanted to stay with the status quo. is now easier to use, improved graphics and now there are more tools to learn about our products. We have made it easier for you to click through and view the pages without having to scroll up and down. We have added such features as our AmeriBlog page, the interactive features of Twitter and Facebook and a new section for clearance products that give you all an opportunity to save money by offering discontinued colors and styles.

Adversity can be a time of simply throwing in the towel and letting events unfold, or it can be a time of innovation and inspiration. It is about how we respond to challenges that sets us apart in business and life. I always look at tough problems as an opportunity to create good solutions. To challenge is to learn; to question is the impetus for creativity. This past year has given us all lessons to be learned, the lessons may have been hard at times, but how else do we learn to become better life?

We wish each and every one of you a safe, healthy and happy holiday. Let us all look forward to 2010 with hope, belief in ourselves and the knowledge that we can improve our lots in life through the power of positive acts.

The Doctors Features AmeriBag

The Doctors recently featured the Healthy Back Bag on their show in an effort to help a mom lighten her load.

(Trouble playing the video? Click here to download the clip.)

Silver lining…

The present economic awakening has brought many lessons to the forefront for us all. We were all shaken to the core when the bottom fell out of our economy. It was a shock! But as the old saying goes… “In every dark cloud there’s a silver lining.”  One positive aspect that seems to be developing is a real change in how people are now shopping.

When credit was flowing like a raging river and plastic was the most popular coin of the realm, we were all spending more freely. We had become a society of freewheeling consumers.  Our purchases were more about what we WANTED, not necessarily about we actually NEEDED. The economy was booming and we were booming along with it. The concept of bust was laughable… Oops!

Today the story is changing in my way of seeing things. People are becoming much more aware and certainly more careful about how they are spending their money, and what they are getting for their dollars spent. The importance of getting value for our money is taking a new precedent in our buying habits. We are quickly learning to buy smarter and be smarter about our choices. This is a good thing… a really good thing!

Since AmeriBag was founded in 1987, our design strategy has always been about 3 simple and attainable elements – quality, function and value. Fashion has rarely been an inspiring force; the style of our lifestyle has always been what motivates us. Our Healthy Back Bag is a perfect example of a lifestyle product because it is functional, made well and priced fairly. The added benefit that it reduces weight stress and brings organization to our lives simply serves to add to the value. You get your money’s worth. It is the basic equation of value for all of us.

In this fast-paced cost-conscious new world of today we can learn to separate the wheat from the chaff with consumer products, and recognize quality and affordability. We should take the time to find products that do the job right, don’t cost an arm and a leg, and won’t impede our forward motion. It’s not a lot to ask of ourselves, and what we should all demand of those who offer their goods for us to buy…