Cerf Products, Inc. Joins the AmeriBag Family

It has been a while since I have dipped my toes into the Blogging Pond. It was not for a lack of interest, I can assure you of this. We at AmeriBag have been very busy with an exciting new project which I can now announce to all our friends and fans… and the 3 of you out there who read my musings. Hah!

Just the other day we signed the final papers to buy the Cerf Brothers Bag Company of St. Louis, MO. It has been a rather hectic few months for us, as you might imagine. Today the world, and all of you, are being told of this wonderful news. We have a new addition to the AmeriBag group of companies, and the new name of the company is Cerf Products Inc.

This is a story akin to the Phoenix of mythology. Cerf Brothers, was started 95 years ago, and has been a family-owned concern for all this time. During the last year or so they fell on hard times, as did many good solid companies. They fought hard and valiantly, but it was a sad set of affairs for this reputable major supplier of terrific bags and gear for the hunting and outdoor markets. Long story short, we were called in by the family to buy the company and continue their tradition of producing and marketing high quality products for their many loyal customers.

In my world “synergy” is a very important consideration. I always look for those moments when similar attributes can mesh in a positive way to create an even better result. Cerf fits that criteria to a T! Their dogged and proven dedication to producing quality goods with value and function in mind matches AmeriBag’s philosophy. It’s a perfect match, and we are proud to now have them in our family!

In the weeks and months to follow we will be very busy integrating Cerf into our company. We will be hiring new people, growing our facility on AmeriBag Drive, and generally supporting the potential of merging these two great companies into one homogeneous entity. It is this kind of energy and excitement that makes my job great; it is this kind of growth that makes me proud that Margery and I started AmeriBag back in the day-and proves that hard work and dedication to a dream is worth the effort…

One thought on “Cerf Products, Inc. Joins the AmeriBag Family

  1. Congrats to you and your wife for the growth in your company. It must have been a warm feeling for Cerf to know their company will continue in good hands (sorry All State ).
    I came upon your website through the Arthritis Foundation. How much I regret that I didn’t find access to you before I bought my new purse. You see, I have RA and could have used a Healthy Back Bag. As my income is limited, I’ll have to save up a bit before getting one of these bags. But I will be back.
    I am also very impressed by the “pyramid” description made by you in your first blog. You give so much consideration to the backbone of your business…your employees. Again, congratulations to you and your wife!


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