“I Love MY Life” Healthy Back Bag Giveaway

Guest blogger and co-founder of AmeriBag, Margery GaffinGuest blogger and co-founder of AmeriBag, Margery Gaffin, explains how the “I Love My Life” Healthy Back Bag came to be. Read on and you could have the opportunity to receive your very own “I Love My Life” Healthy Back Bag.

Almost exactly four years ago I was recovering from my last round of chemotherapy for breast cancer.  My strength was finally coming back, as well as my appetite.  I recall standing in my kitchen chopping onions. I was prepping for a nutritious soup. This is typically a boring, tedious task, yet I suddenly was struck by the idea, “how wonderful it is that I am JUST chopping onions and no longer thinking about cancer treatments, or any other morbid topic.  Just chopping onions!”

That’s when IT started…  I started to realize fully how grateful and appreciative I am for my life and my health and how much “I LOVE MY LIFE.” Not that MY life is perfect – no one’s is – but it was a refreshing feeling to have regardless of the diagnosis, treatment and recovery.  This led me to explore yoga, which for me has meant being in the moment and appreciating that fully.  Not worrying about what already happened or what might happen. Just being.

Four years later, I have continued to be very involved in yoga – mostly Anusara and Kundalini, and the phrase “I LOVE MY LIFE” has fully sunk in and reverberated through me.  I am (as one of my first teachers said) “grateful that I CAN practice yoga.” I open my heart everyday to new opportunities and experiences.

The culmination of all this “just being,” breathing and yoga has led me to express this sentiment in a very special bag.  It expresses the affirmation of the positiveness of life – the appreciation of life itself. Not just the big things, but also the ordinary day-to-day little things… even chopping onions.

"I Love My Life" Healthy Back BagWe are proud to present this gorgeous version of our famous Healthy Back Bag to symbolize this positive affirmation in each of you. Our customers. And the community around you.

We ask you to consider and tell us why you love your life? One winner will be selected at random on Thursday, April 22. You can enter this giveaway by sharing your response on Twitter, Facebook or a comment to this blog post. Tell your friends to share their stories with us as well. We are looking for this feeling of gratitude to stretch through our online community as far as it can go.

*Update: Janine M. Torsiello of Lake Hiawatha, NJ was randomly selected to win the “I Love My Life” Healthy Back Bag