“I Love MY Life” Healthy Back Bag Giveaway

Guest blogger and co-founder of AmeriBag, Margery GaffinGuest blogger and co-founder of AmeriBag, Margery Gaffin, explains how the “I Love My Life” Healthy Back Bag came to be. Read on and you could have the opportunity to receive your very own “I Love My Life” Healthy Back Bag.

Almost exactly four years ago I was recovering from my last round of chemotherapy for breast cancer.  My strength was finally coming back, as well as my appetite.  I recall standing in my kitchen chopping onions. I was prepping for a nutritious soup. This is typically a boring, tedious task, yet I suddenly was struck by the idea, “how wonderful it is that I am JUST chopping onions and no longer thinking about cancer treatments, or any other morbid topic.  Just chopping onions!”

That’s when IT started…  I started to realize fully how grateful and appreciative I am for my life and my health and how much “I LOVE MY LIFE.” Not that MY life is perfect – no one’s is – but it was a refreshing feeling to have regardless of the diagnosis, treatment and recovery.  This led me to explore yoga, which for me has meant being in the moment and appreciating that fully.  Not worrying about what already happened or what might happen. Just being.

Four years later, I have continued to be very involved in yoga – mostly Anusara and Kundalini, and the phrase “I LOVE MY LIFE” has fully sunk in and reverberated through me.  I am (as one of my first teachers said) “grateful that I CAN practice yoga.” I open my heart everyday to new opportunities and experiences.

The culmination of all this “just being,” breathing and yoga has led me to express this sentiment in a very special bag.  It expresses the affirmation of the positiveness of life – the appreciation of life itself. Not just the big things, but also the ordinary day-to-day little things… even chopping onions.

"I Love My Life" Healthy Back BagWe are proud to present this gorgeous version of our famous Healthy Back Bag to symbolize this positive affirmation in each of you. Our customers. And the community around you.

We ask you to consider and tell us why you love your life? One winner will be selected at random on Thursday, April 22. You can enter this giveaway by sharing your response on Twitter, Facebook or a comment to this blog post. Tell your friends to share their stories with us as well. We are looking for this feeling of gratitude to stretch through our online community as far as it can go.

*Update: Janine M. Torsiello of Lake Hiawatha, NJ was randomly selected to win the “I Love My Life” Healthy Back Bag

114 thoughts on “I Love MY Life” Healthy Back Bag Giveaway

  1. My use for the Better Back Bag is a little unusual, but haven’t found anything that suits my needs until finding this bag. I use oxygen and the medium BBB is absolutely perfect for me. My gas oxygen tank or liquid oxygen tank fit into the bag and allows me to carry it without stressing my back or neck. The tanks weigh about 7 lbs and they seem lighter with this bag. The many little pockets hold all items that used to occupy a regular purse. Using oxygen in ‘public’ is less obvious with this great bag and I suggest it to all my friends who use oxygen. My bag is now six years old and holding up well, but it would be nice to have something new after all this time.

  2. I love my AmeriBag and Baglet! Countless trips to the doctor with neck and shoulder problems taught me that I can not carry anything on my shoulders except an AmeriBag.
    We love to travel and it allows me to do so in comfort. I was diagnosed with degenerative disk disease last year and with AmeriBag I can still carry my load.
    I love my life! My Savior, Jesus Christ blesses me every hour of everyday. He has provided for my every need and guides my life.
    As a nurse, He has allowed me an opportunity to serve those in physical need and those in need of encourgement and guidance .
    As a wife, He has allowed me to enjoy my husband of 37 years who continues to make me feel special – he discovered AmeriBag and bought it for me.
    With every passing day I am more aware that this is not a dress rehersal…life is live and in color…never to be taken it for granted. I try everyday to tell those around me that they are special and that they matter. I am thankful woman and I love my life!
    Thank you AmeriBag for making life easier and with style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I am interested in the large Baglet but I couldn’t find what material it’s made of. Is it microfiber?

  4. Does the ‘I Love My Life’ bag have a place for a water bottle?

  5. I had large leather bags several years ago just because I liked large, different bags. I am a nurse and had a lot to take tote around. Even bought them as gifts. Several years passed and my back and degenerative disc disease forced me to retire. My physicians were constantly on me about the weight of my bags. I remembered the Healthy Back Bag and found it several months ago and purchased a sassy small red nylon one and it has been a backsaver. Thanks so much. I too, Love my life. I have a lot of pain but I am blessed and I do love life. Jennie Fowler, Blythe, GA

  6. I am wanting to buy the small BBB but need to know if it has the pocket on the back strap side to hold a bottle of water as the lavender one I own has. I really need a black one but you seem to be sold out of everything in black, and I do need that back outside pocket to put my water bottle for travel. Thank you.

  7. Love my new larger baglett will you be making it in distressed nylon?

  8. I have bookmarked your site at Reddit so my friends can see it too! We were arguing about this few weeks ago! You actually agreed with my point of view, so you must be right and particularly smart!

  9. I just finished treatment for breast cancer and am about to have my 60th birthday party and think this is the bag i need to carry and the theme i need to use. i have carried a mesh bag from Ameribag for years and don’t see a replacement for that. So a little eggplant bag would be good.

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