HBB Mother’s Day Gift Guide

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we’ve put together three collections of HBB’s to help you choose the perfect gift for mom. The Everyday Mom, Stylish Mom, and Active Mom. Using the code “LOVEYOURMAMA” you can save 15% off your purchase. Happy shopping!

‘The Everyday Mom’

This mom needs tools to help her keep on top of her long list of things to do. She is constantly taking on new projects and encouraging her family and friends to do the same. She likes to remain active and engaged in her community. This HBB is perfect for staying organized on the go.

‘The Active Mom’

This mom never forgets to focus on her own wellbeing. She prioritizes her health because she knows if she is not taken care of – she will be unable to provide for the ones she loves. This mom frequents fitness classes or walking around the block with a friend. This HBB is perfect for physical activities like yoga, or running after your little ones!

‘The Stylish Mom’

For the mom who, no matter how much she has going on, always has time to throw on some lipstick and earrings. She values the way she looks and feels. This mom has an incredible work ethic and needs to be able to go from taking care of her kids to leading an important meeting. With this HBB she is able to multitask like never before- all while looking as stylish, as ever.

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