Secrets To A Better Night’s Sleep

If you find yourself waking up even more exhausted than when you went to sleep last night, keep reading… I have yet to meet someone who proclaims on a daily basis that they are well rested, so chances are we all could all use an upgrade on our sleeping habits. I am certainly not the first, or the last person who will tell you how crucial a good night’s sleep is for your overall health. So let’s work on getting that 8 hours together!

So many health and wellness goals go unfulfilled because many times we don’t fully understand the importance or affects our lifestyle habits are having on external and internal health. So let’s begin with why sleep is so important for our health and not just reducing cranky behavior.

To sum it up quickly, when you sleep, your body works hard to repair itself from the previous day. Your brain, spends the hours you’re asleep to create new pathways to help you remember and learn.It is also time for your hormones to balance themselves, your immune system to defend against invaders and your skin cells to regenerate so you wake up fresh and glowing.The first step is to look at your current night time routine. Ask yourself what do the hours between coming home from work to laying down for bed look like? The moment you enter your home, you should begin to wind-down if you haven’t on your journey home. Here is a list of night time habits that are negatively affecting you and alternatives to help you sleep more deeply.

Checking your work email, bank account or social media accounts within an hour of laying down to rest.

Each of these things can be stressful and make it more difficult for your mind to rest. You shouldn’t engage in things that you can’t immediately deal with before going to bed. If you’re like me and you read that your bank account is overdrawn, you’ll want to call the bank or reread your statement immediately! This will only cause anxiety and keep you up staring at your ceiling or making phone calls that will ultimately make it worse. Deal with work and responsibilities during the day and leave work, where it belongs.

Skipping your nightly routine

For many it’s a shower, brushing our teeth, and pampering ourselves before sliding into our PJ’s. You deserve to clean yourself of the day. I know I can’t fall asleep until I’ve finished my skin regime and applied a spritz of perfume. It feels good to go to bed, feeling your best.

Utilizing your smartphone for a better night’s sleep

Settings on your phone such as do not disturb, forwards calls to your voicemail so phone calls or text messages don’t interrupt your zzz’s. Another important setting in your phone is night shift, which adjusts the color temperature between a blue and red tint. Blue light has been shown to suppress the production of melatonin, which keeps you awake. So before you go to sleep, adjust the color temperature on your smartphone to warm. Apps are also a great thing to utilize, my favorite is an app called Calm. It offers sleep stories and relaxing sounds, which range anywhere from 3-25 minute programs. The stories include topics, such as, calming anxiety, managing stress, deep sleep, focus and concentration, gratitude, self esteem, etc..

Getting cozy & setting the mood. Whether it’s choosing:

A firm mattress vs. more cushion

Minimal pillows  vs. a fort’s worth of pillows

Using a fan vs. a heater

Dim lighting vs. complete darkness

These are just a few helpful tips to help you achieve your best night’s sleep. Sweet dreams x

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