Which Juice Gives You Superpowers?

Many health problems (not all) are due to lack of a healthy-balanced diet and exercise, but we’re not here to scold you. We live in a fast paced world and it can be extremely hard to get your 5 a day. That’s why we think juicing is so great- it allows you to squeeze in necessary vitamins and nutrients in a single glass. Juicing is a lot like science, you can concoct delicious drinks with superfoods that actually improve your overall health!  We’ve put together a list of yummy juices to help keep you on track. As always we recommend using organic produce. Enjoy!



(Helps to prevent cancer, acne, heart attacks, high blood pressure and constipation)

(Helps to strengthen immunity, eyesight, liver, spleen, kidney, pancreas, digestive tract)

2 beets

4 carrots

2 apples

6 stalks celery

2 limes

½  ginger

*For added benefits add rosemary, turmeric and a crack of black pepper



(Helps to strengthen functions of thyroid)

1 cucumber

5 celery stalks

5 carrots

1 cup coconut water

1 lemon



(Helps to prevent growth of cellulite and controls appetite)

(Helps to strengthen increase in metabolism)

1 large grapefruit

2 oranges

¼ lime

½ inch ginger root




(Helps to prevent dehydration)

1 ½  cups cubed watermelon

2 sprigs mint

1 lime

Top with a crack of black pepper



(Alkalizing vegetables help to promote bone and teeth health)

4 stalks of celery

1 cucumber

2 pears

¼ lemon



(Helps to strengthen immune system)

½ ginger root

1 lemon

½ turmeric root

top with cayenne and black pepper



(Helps to strengthen kidneys and lymphs, cleanses your body’s drains)

1 pear

1 apple

1 cucumber

1 celery stalk

1 handful of spinach

½ cup of cranberries


If there are any health issues you’d like us to address in future juice blogs, feel free to comment below!

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