More Color, More You

Color is often the first thing noticed on our outfit or in our spaces, giving not only instant impact but also leaving lasting impression. If you tend to gravitate towards a particular color often, people may subconsciously create a perception about your personality based on that shade. So here are some new and featured Healthy Back Bag colors that can lend a hand to help you be a little more you. Find your favorite colors and see if the associated significance matches your character traits!

Gingersnap is a new microfiber color inspired by classics, while injecting a sense of drama to create a modern aesthetic. The convergence of history and tradition translate into the new casual using spice colors which have a touch of romance, emotion and energy with a warm and inviting nature.

Midnight Blue is a core color that is well loved among both men and women. This season, blues sport discipline with a combination of order and perfection. You most likely are not impulsive or spontaneous, rather trustworthy, dependable and committed. Blues cause the body to produce chemicals that are calming, invoking rest.

Moss Oak brings nature’s peace to the collection with an understatement of comfort. This in-between color fills in the gaps of individual expression through tranquility and balance. Did you know that green is the easiest color on the eyes and improves vision?

Periwinkle is a fine line between blue and purple. If you tend to be a stressed-out person, periwinkle will help you feel relaxed and calm while adding a boost of energy since purples tend to be associated with spirituality. This luxurious shade is a year round trend giving spunk and personality to the crisp of the cold while still being reminiscent of a tropical hue.

Stormy Grey is a core distressed nylon color that continues to be a huge hit. It meets right between the stark white and jet black personalities. Authoritative and powerful yet pure and peaceful. There is a softness and comfort in this neutral while holding sophistication. You have a sense of mystery yet positivity.

Tuscan Red is a brand new beauty that isn’t coral yet isn’t true red either. You are attracted to this color if you are naturally happy and love a good romance however need a soothing vibe. Empowering with a rustic dark deco undertone, preparing you for the cooler months.


Whether you are inspired by your usual go-to color for comfort or you try a hue that will leave you feeling more balanced and happy, pick up your beautiful new Healthy Back Bag from the Fall Winter 2017 Collection. Shop at or find a retailer near you. Go ahead, you have permission to fill this world with a bit more color and a lot more you!

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