About Irwin Gaffin

AmeriBag, Inc.’s President & Chief Executive Officer, Irwin Gaffin has mastered more than 35 years as a leather craftsman and bag designer. Founding AmeriBag in 1987 with his wife, Margery, allowed Irwin to bring his designs to a mainstream audience. That audience has now grown to international standing from the United States, to the U.K., to countries such as Japan, Italy, Spain, France and Australia.

Irwin is also a golf and sailing enthusiast with hundreds of greens and thousands of sea miles behind him. Living in both upstate New York and Barbados, he finds the cultural difference in business and play to be a great learning experience. In starting a blog, Irwin hopes to engage the AmeriBag customer, share small business insights and provide a deeper look into a leather craftsman gone “Boss.”

Please feel free to post questions and comments, Irwin looks forward to hearing from you.

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