AmeriBag Abroad

Nancy Evans, International SalesGuest blogger Nancy Evans shares insights on international sales of AmeriBag from the summer of 2010.

Well AmeriBag enthusiasts, there is much truth in the saying “timing is everything” especially as it pertains to the activity of blogging. Here sits someone who sells the Healthy Back Bag range all over the world and has yet to share in my global adventures (conquests, trials, tribulations, et al) always citing that “I’m too busy.”  Well enough! I need to liken it to exercise and make time.   So, it is at this very moment that I have been inspired by:

  • Irwin Gaffin: The one who not only paved the way for us to be contributors on the AmeriBlog, but a true visionary in his own right. He had a dream that AmeriBag would become a global brand. It is very surreal that I can be an integral part of creating that reality.   
  • Margery Gaffin:  Irwin’s counterpart, also known as the matriarch of our organization, and an inspiration to all.
  • Thea Linscott: Our grand dame of social networking who is a constant source of encouragement for me to “get in the game.”
  • Julie & Julia: A movie I just rented over the weekend and highly recommend for other foodies like myself.

Unlike Julie, I will begin the process of blogging about my travels selling and spreading the word of the Healthy Back Bag. While her mission was to make 500+ recipes in 365 days, mine is more like selling 365 days worth of bags in the course of some 125 days traveling abroad.

The very first “Ah ha” moment I would like to share is that bags are a universal accessory which evoke an emotional reaction and garner a large dedicated space in the closet.

Today, I choose to share a little taste of Germany from my recent trip to Munich this past June where business is regularly transacted over heaping portions of pig. Please note that Germany was still vying for the World Cup at this time. The city (and beer gardens) was bursting at the seams with energy. We have recently joined forces with the distributors of fitflop, another stylish health-related product that I highly recommend.  I like to refer to our dream team as Campo Monaco led by Katrin & Sascha. They focus heavily on marketing and public relations and introduced me to their agent, Margit Preiss, of Presse-Partner-Preiss.  Just to put things into perspective, Margit leads the public relations for the Munich Film Festival. To have her on our team is HUGE.
 The team in Germany reviews AmeriBag samples.

Here you can see us all admire a new Healthy Back Bag design, which they fondly referred to as the “Rocker Chick” bag akin to “tres chic” for the French.  This, while discussing the power of the brand, the messages of Earth (our environmental conscience), the Cause Bag (its global reach, yet personal touch) and our partnering with authentic woolen mills (a dying breed of true artisans) and textile designers,  further gives us the WOW factor.  My net takeaway is that the sky is the limit in Germany!

 And on that bright and powerful note, I will bid you Auf Wiedersehen for now.