First time up to blab…er blog!

So here I am, Friday afternoon, first Friday of October in the Hudson Valley, sitting at my keyboard in my office while the world outside is slowly turning autumn colors, the nip is on the air and it’s no longer weather for shorts and sandals. Just came back in from our parking lot to verify that the temperature is 52º. Don’t want to start my blogging career giving out erroneous information!

Okay, so I got the facts above right… now where do I go from here? What do I say to all of you out there in the world at large… or at least the few who will even read this attempt to communicate? Hmm? What do you want to hear from the one of the founders and President/CEO of AmeriBag Inc.?

A fair warning here…I’m not your typical corporate type. Don’t wear pin striped suits, don’t do power lunches, no lavish parties to entertain customers or any of the more seemingly expected and accepted trappings of the world of business. Never have believed in such silliness! Not sure that any of that stuff helps to make a company a success or adds to the ability of it being able to respond to the challenges of doing business. My personae is not going to get people to appreciate our products because I am not the company. I am just the guy who is tasked with helping the real company, our employees, do what they need to do to make this whole arrangement function.

Being at the top, so to speak, really means that I am at the bottom of it all! Most students of business see the corporate flow chart like a pyramid, with the senior-most officer at the very top. I think they have it upside-down because in my world I see that pyramid standing on it’s head, or point, in this discussion. Companies are the sum of their “family of employees”, and my experience has taught me that too many managers miss or deny this simple fact. The workplace is no different than what works at home, it is about respect and working together to succeed and survive.

Since the day we started AmeriBag in June of 1987, it has been a team effort. My position as owner never got in the way of me sitting down at a sewing machine to do the same work as everyone else. No reason why I shouldn’t labor and sweat like everyone else when the call comes. My philosophy is simple, every job is directly and equally connected to our final product in every way. Titles and prestige do not really matter, respect and appreciation of each other is what makes it all click!

Well, not probably the best opening salvo into the world of Blog, but better that you all get to know a little about me and my way of thinking to help understand what is about to come at you in the future from this mind and soul. To Blog, I am being told, is to communicate in a broad-spectrum approach to a diverse audience. In short… I get to chat with you! I like to chat, and I love to get responses. The ability to communicate and share ideas is the blessing of humanity, and I for one hate to waste a good thing… because maybe if we shared more, we’d understand more!