Image Library


Images are a great way to showcase the bag in your display or online!

Both product images (the bag on a white background) and lifestyle images (the bag worn on a person) are supplied for you in high resolution jpeg format.

When new seasonal photography is done, you may access the new images for download. New photography is done twice a year, once each Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter seasonal collection.

Click Links to view and download images:

Core Product: These colors are consistent every season.
(ie: Black, Taupe, Brown, Red, Sea Moss, Navy)
Spring Summer 2016 (SS16)
Fall Winter 2016 (FW16)
Spring Summer 2017 (SS17)
Fall Winter 2017 (FW17)
Spring Summer 2018 (SS18)
Fall Winter 2018 (FW18)

Spring Summer 2019 (SS19)
Fall Winter 2019 (FW19)

Spring Summer 2020 (SS20)