Our Story

          After enduring back surgery some 30 years ago, Margery Gaffin came up with the idea of a totally organized, one shoulder bag and is contoured to the body to feel lighter and more comfortable. Margery's husband, Irwin, was one of the foremost leather craftsmen in the USA, who for over 25 years had been designing high quality leather bags for celebrities and multi-million dollar companies. So together they were to create the most comfortable bag in the world...a bag that would not give you neck aches or a sore lower back. A bag that would be of the highest quality in terms of craftsmanship and material.

So the Healthy Back Bag® was born; Irwin and Margery developed the idea with the help of a doctor and a chiropractor to determine just how the ergonomics of the bag could best reflect the requirements of the spine. The bag's ergonomic trademarked teardrop shape and the organization of the internal pockets make the weight feel lighter by redistributing the bag's center of gravity, all while relieving stress on the neck, shoulders, and back. Different sizes were created to cater to different body types and the incredibly intelligent pocket configuration that both spreads weight around the bag and organizes your life, was honed and refined.

AmeriBag continues to evolve the Healthy Back Bag by adding subtle improvements to meld with the demands of modern times. Recently the most noted features have been magnetic closers to quiet your rustling and a hidden internal padded pocket for a tablet or any valuables you want to keep safe and secure. CEO and Co-Founder, Irwin Gaffin, says "It's not just providing designated pockets, it's making sure that security and protection are combined with function and design. The HBB is a union between the organic, all-natural health trends of today and the needs of modern technology. We are setting the standard for comfort, ergonomics and utility." 

The Healthy Back Bag is now an established brand in over 27 countries worldwide and its popularity is spreading every day. There are hundreds of different variations - color, fabric, size or design.


"This really is one clever bag designed around you for whoever you are, wherever you go and whatever you do."

- Margery Gaffin